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    New Law Improves Access to Food for the Poor

    Close-up of a man's hands, holding a bowl of soup with a plastic spoon.

    A bill signed into law this week with MCC support would remove a hurdle for the poor to receive food assistance. Plus, more than 900 messages have been sent by Catholic grassroots members urging the Governor to reject bills restricting speech for faith-based counselors.

    A New Bishop in Kalamazoo

    Bishop-elect Msgr. Edward M. Lohse of the Diocese of Erie, Pennsylvania.

    The Governor signed more MCC-backed gun safety legislation, and new information is provided on two MCC-supported packages to promote restorative justice for prisoners and crime victims. Finally, a new bishop for the Diocese of Kalamazoo was named this week, who will soon join the MCC Board of Directors.

    Poll Shows Michigan Voters Favor Abortion Regulation

    Pro-choice voters support abortion regulations. So do people who voted yes on Proposal 3.

    MCC this week released poll data confirming widespread Michigan voter support for longstanding abortion regulations, including among pro-choice and Proposal 3 voters. Also this week, the Governor signed an unfortunate bill creating an abortion mandate on employers. Read more about that as well as other updates on legislation MCC is tracking

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