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    Action Needed to Help Nonpublic Schools

    Action Alert

    Catholic advocates are urged to contact their senator about including nonpublic schools in legislation that would expand school meal programs. Plus, a quick update on where the Reproductive Health Act stands and news on legislation affecting religious liberty, juvenile justice and more. Finally, some updates on March for Life and a new auxiliary bishop in Michigan. Read more in Lansing Update.

    Signs of Hope Emerge as Opposition Efforts Continue Against Reproductive Health Act

    Protect a Woman's Right to Know! Keep informed consent for abortion and the 24-hour waiting period in place. TELL YOUR LEGISLATOR TO VOTE NO ON THE REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ACT!

    While the dangerous Reproductive Health Act moved out of committee to the House floor this week, signs of hope emerged in MCC and its pro-life partners’ efforts to defeat it. Also this week, MCC and the nonpublic school association provided strong advocacy before the Legislature to include nonpublic schools in expanded school meal programs. Read about these issues and more in this week’s Lansing Update.

    MCC, Coalition Partners Unite to Oppose Dangerous RHA Legislation

    From left to right: Eileen McNeil of Citizens for Traditional Values, Dr. Michelle Monticello, Dr. Catherine Stark, and Rebecca Mastee with MCC testify against the RHA before the House Health Policy Committee.

    As lawmakers took testimony for the first time on the dangerous Reproductive Health Act, MCC and other statewide organizations formed a coalition and spoke out in opposition against the bills, which would deregulate abortion in Michigan. Learn more about how you can get involved and tell lawmakers to protect the health and safety of vulnerable women and children across the state by reading this week’s Lansing Update.

    Bills Endangering Vulnerable Women Introduced

    A concerned-looking pregnant woman sitting on her bed, protectively holding her belly

    As expected, abortion advocates in the Legislature have introduced legislation that would repeal health and safety standards for abortion clinics, which poses a threat to the health and safety of women. In other news, there’s a new, quicker way to stay connected to MCC and the Catholic Advocacy Network. Read more in this Lansing Update.

    MCC Opposes Effort to Repeal Abortion Limits that Protect Women

    A smiling doctor listening to the heartbeat of a pregnant woman’s unborn child

    The Catholic Conference’s response to Gov. Whitmer’s fall policy speech included opposition to her call to overturn abortion limitations that protect women, and support for paid family leave that makes it easier to raise children. Also, ahead of Labor Day, read the U.S. bishops’ suggestions for how Congress should stand in “radical solidarity” with working families. Read more in this week’s Lansing Update.

    Help Grow Our Grassroots Coalition

    The front of the Michigan State Capital building

    When it comes to grassroots advocacy on public policy issues, there’s power in numbers. Help lift your voice and the collective voice of Catholic grassroots by inviting your friends and family to join our email list. Plus, a new federal regulation is attempting to insert abortion into a law intended to help pregnant workers. Read more in this Lansing Update.

    Nonpublic School Funding Included in Signed Education Budget

    A group of Catholic school children using computers with the assistance of their teacher

    The Governor did not make any changes to the education budget she signed into law, meaning millions in funding for nonpublic schools was kept intact to pay for mental health services, dual enrollment opportunities, and robotics team grants. Read about this and the latest update on the bills that restrict speech in counselor-patient settings that MCC has been advocating against

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